Force Field Poster & Video Series

Expand the learning experiences by adding even more Force Field posters and videos to your educational endeavors. Force Field posters have an overlay of digital information that can be viewed through the camera lens of a smartphones and tablets using the free HealthForce app.

Enhance the student experience by providing this uniquely blended interactive learning!

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VIVA – Video Interactive Virtual Anatomy, was designed for teachers and health professionals to help advance the health literacy of their students or clients, VIVA has been successfully used around the world to educate people on their bodies as well as health conditions, chronic diseases, and the effects of certain lifestyle choices on the human body.

With narration, VIVA videos illustrate the following:

  • The anatomy of the human body
  • Organ systems
  • How diseases and conditions affect the body
  • Cells, brain, cardiovascular, women’s health, and so much more

Advance health literacy by making this award winning interactive series part of your curriculum!

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Student Health Force®

offers K-12 enrichment curriculum and custom programs to engage youth and help create a healthier generation. Using a three step approach — Learn it! Live it! Share it!® Student Health Force advances:

  • Student academics
  • Technical abilities
  • Job readiness
  • Health literacy

Manage flexible and effective health education programs by purchasing Student Health Force today!

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Student Health Force

The Collaborative

The Collaborative offers professional development and technology to facilitate unlimited creation of a range of media by staff and students. This offering includes content addressing learning, activity/fitness, gamification, explorations, and much more:

  • Web-based learning management system integrated with Force Field Poster series promoting health literacy, physical activity as well as targeted science content
  • Custom Force Field Poster galleries for view by smartphones or tablets
  • Access to all posters created for the Collaborative by others
  • Professional development including career tours and CTC marketing: Interview real world professionals and introduce to youth

Join the collaborative and have your staff and students become part of the Health Force team

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Health eTools for Schools®

Health eTools for Schools is a web-based solution for schools to meet federal and state wellness guidelines and combat childhood obesity by making mandatory paperwork and reporting easier for schools.

  • Based on the CDC’s Coordinated School Health Model for obesity
  • Reduces time spent on paperwork and record-keeping with 24/7 access
  • Track student health and fitness data over time in a secure database
  • More time for health education and services

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